So what exactly is an ear nose and throat doctor and what do they treat? An ENT specialist, also known as Otolaryngologist, is a surgical and medical specialty focusing in the pathology, anatomy and physiology of the neck and head area. In the modern medical scenario, more than 60% of all the sick have ENT problems. ENT doctors have special expertise in the treatment of the nose, nasal passage, ears, oral cavity, upper pharynx and throat. It had its origin in ancient Egypt and today, it is one of the oldest medical speciality in the world.

An ENT specialist works with a team of doctors who are specialized in other fields of medicine and surgery. He can start his practice just after 15 years of graduate and post-graduate study and training. For better knowledge and more intensive training, most of the ENT doctors pursue two or three years fellowship in one of the following sub speciality areas: Otology or Neurology, Pediatric Otolaryngology, allergy, head and neck surgery, rhinology and Laryngology.

According to the latest survey by World Health Organization, as many as 80 million Europeans and Americans report some degree of throat problem while two third of the married couple say that their partner keep them awake with squawky snoring that seems quite unhealthy but most of them don’t realize that the solution is actually with an ENT Philippines specialist. So the question is when should you visit an Otolaryngologist instead of your regular family physician? Following are some of the signs that say that an ENT is the best choice.

If your family physician gives you antibiotics for a sore throat that actually get worse, this is a cause for worry. A recurrent sour, regular lowering of the voice and difficulty in swallowing anything show that there is something seriously wrong with your throat and you should immediately visit an ear nose and throat doctor.
We get a headache for a variety of reasons, but the one that won’t go away easily is a cause of worry. It could actually be the related to anatomic abnormalities, chronic sinusitis, and respiratory infection. Similarly not hearing what we normally do is a dangerous proposition. The problems could be related with the ear canal or the ear drum. It might also point to a major problem that could involve serious damage to nerves from exposure to loud noise. An ENT specialist can easily diagnose such problems.

A well-trained ENT doctor has the profound knowledge of all the regions in the neck and head area. So it is better to visit him if your family physician is unable to find a solution of your nose, throat or ear problem.